10 Problems You Can Relate To If You Have Thick Eyebrows

Bold brows are very in at the moment, ever since Cara Delevingne came and stepped into our lives all we ever day dream about are having the thickest, bushiest brows ever. We’re not sure how long this trend will last but when it does, it’ll only come back again so fear not if you have bold brows.

But for some of us, we don’t have bold brows because of a trend, we have bold brows because we were born with bold brows. Some people will either see it as a blessing and some will see it as unfortunate. If you naturally have thick brows then here’s 10 things you can definitely relate to (probably).

1. People assuming that you’re joining the bold brow trend but the reality is… you’ve always had them

2. People kept giving you nicknames like ‘Frida Khalo’ or ‘Bush Baby’

3. Having to keep an eye on them at ALL times

4. When bold brows weren’t in trend so you plucked them to death… 

5. Never leaving the house without a spoolie brush so you can keep those caterpillars in check

6. Having to trim them juuuuust right, one mistake and it’ll all go downhill

7. Having a love-hate relationship with your brows and it’ll probably always be that way

8. Waking up and finding that all the hairs have gone in opposite directions

9. People are constantly inspired by Cara Delevignes’ bold brows when, really, they should be inspired by you

10. And finally, getting told how jealous people are of your natural thick brows and having the urge to flip your hair back and sassily say “I know. Thanks.”

Bold brows are here to stay and slay. If you ever worried about your brows being to big and bushy then you don’t need to anymore! The bolder the better.


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