10 things every brow obsessive knows!

We’re all obsessed with brows here at Benito, but are you?! Read through the list of things we know we’re all guilty of to see if you’re as obsessed as we are!

1 You spend ages perfecting your eyebrows every morning! But we all know that it’s worth missing that morning Starbucks run for.

You always find yourself commenting on people’s brows. Gone are the days of watching a TV series without making a comment on the cast’s brows.

#browsonfleek is always at the top of your Instagram search list! Don’t worry, we’ve all found ourselves scrolling through the tag for hours on end.

4 You find yourself wanting to sort out people’s brows. Staring at people’s brows on the train and resisting the urge to sort out the strays!

5 Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins are your brow heroes! We all know that their brows are ultimate goals.

6 When it rains, you would rather your outfit got completely soaked than your eyebrows got even the tiniest bit smudged. This often involves looking incredibly stupid. The price we pay to look good!

7 Eyebrows should be sisters, not twins! Probably the only saying where we decide to personify our eyebrow hairs and no one finds it weird!

You’ve got more brow products than any other make up products. Yes, we know these Brow Wiz pencils look exactly the same as the Soap and Glory pencils, but we definitely need them both. Maybe more of them.

You’re often late because of your brows. These take a long time to perfect, you know! Don’t judge us.

10 You trust your eyebrow lady more than you trust your boyfriend… Oops!

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