Have you got what it takes to become the Lash-Heavyweight?

Here at Benito we aren’t shying away from crazy trends and weird beauty news, it’s a guilty pleasure of ours. Especially when it comes to the beauty world smashing records in the Guinness World Records, so of course all of our team was intrigued when we heard about a record for the longest lashes in the world! Most of us women have lashes fall out after taking eyeliner and mascara off, so I bet everyone is wondering who could break a record for having the longest lashes?!

To answer your thoughts, a lady from China now holds the world record for the longest lashes in the world. Jianxia from Shanghai, poses for the record books with her 4.88 inch lashes (12.4 cm to be exact)

Jianxia will now see herself feature in 2018’s edition of Guinness World Records, alongside her precious 5 inch lashes. It’s taken her up to 50 years to grow her pride and joy lashes. This will leave everyone wondering how she keeps her lashes so long, without them falling or being ripped out – just like every extraordinary thing on this planet, there is a secret behind it all.

You want to know her secret? It seems like nature came to Jianxia’s help, the Chinese record breaker tells us that she noticed an extreme growth rate when she went on a trip. This rapid growth kick started in 2013, when she embarked on a 18 month quest to find herself through a nature retreat.

We are most interested in your thoughts on the Guinness Word Record, what do you think? I bet the majority of you are probably wondering if you can get your lashes this long. Whereas, others are probably questioning whether this is real or not… Share your thoughts with the Benito team.

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