80 hair washes for £6.50? We’re in!

A new and cheaper way to glossy locks! Lush have introduced an amazing range of soap bar look-a-like shampoo bars that, when combined with water, reacts to create shampoo. The best of it? It lasts for 80 hair washes.

They haven’t beaten around the bush and filtered one or two into their collection, they have released 29 shampoo bars that vary by name, colour and properties. Whether you want bright or soft hair there is a shampoo bar that has got you covered!



One amazing review on the Lush website stated:


I’ve never used solid shampoo before and honestly, I didn’t trust it much, but the results are amazing! It smells so good and my hair shines and after a while I can see it growing much faster.”


We definitely think this is the way forward. Goodbye liquid shampoo, hello handmade, cruelty free shampoo bars!

Will you be trying it?

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