Ask the Expert: High Definition Brows

Here at Benito, we consider ourselves a lucky bunch thanks to the fabulous collaboration we have launched with High Definition.

Every week, we find ourselves queuing up to ask High Definition Brows Elite Trainer, Rachael Keeley, for her top tips to get our brows in tip-top shape and, well, we suppose it isn’t fair to keep her gleaming gems of information to herself. So we pinned her down and asked her to answer the most commonly asked questions she gets asked when she’s hard at work…

Q: How do I hide signs of overplucking/sparse brows?

A: Fake it till you make it! Disguise sparse and over-plucked areas with our amazing High Definition range. With recommendations from your High Definition stylist, gradually fill in sparser brows with light hair strokes, working around your arch and tail area, leaving the fronts softer!

Q: I want brows like Cara but mine are super-thin! Will I ever achieve the look?

A: Using Cara as an inspiration, your stylist will place you on a regrowth programme. Being realistic, it may take a few treatments to start to achieve the desired look but, working together with your stylist, you will instantly see a difference! Our Lash&Brow Booster is a must for super-thin brows, to create fuller, stronger hairs.

Q: I only have 5 minutes – what can I do to make my brows look great?

A: Our High Definition Brow Colourfix is a perfect product for this! It tints, grooms and holds brows into place, keeping them looking great, even in-between treatments. It’s easy to use, just a sweep through the brow and you’re ready to go!

Q: If you had to choose your favourite brow product, what would it be?

A: All of our High Definition range is amazing. Our Eye&Brow Palette is definitely a staple product – it’s so versatile! Not only can it be used as shades through the brow, it can be used as eyeshadows too and, if you mix the wax with our carbon-black, you can create a black liner as well!

Q: I don’t seem to have an arch in my brow – can I get one?

A: Yes, you can! However, your stylist will have to take into account your hair growth, face shape and bone structure to achieve this. Remember, it may take a few treatments to get the desired shape! In the meantime, your stylist will show you how to create this with our makeup, so you can recreate it and continue your journey at home!

Q: How do you find out the perfect eyebrow shape for your face?

A: Closer set brows will make the nose look longer; a high arch will create the illusion of a longer face; and a fuller, thicker brow will make the face appear smaller. Assessing your face shape, these are the things your stylist will take into consideration in your consultation, and you will decide between you the best brow shape to fit your face!

Q: What makes the High Definition Brows treatment different?

A: High Definition Brows is a unique treatment for creating perfectly groomed brows. The High Definition Brows treatment transforms the way you look and, more importantly, how you feel. Unlike other brow treatments, our stylists assess your face shape and colouring before creating a bespoke brow, tailored exclusively for you. Using a combination of skills, from preparation and personal consultation, to custom blended colouring, and traditional hair removal methods to design and create the shape, your High Definition stylist can transform your face!

To book in for your High Definition Brows treatment at your local Benito Brow Bar, call us below:

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