Back to Wow

Back to Wow

Do you have sparse, over-plucked or uneven brows?

Benito ‘Back to Wow’ is a bespoke and personalised service for managing the awkward growing-out stage of sparse brows. If you would like fuller, flattering and more defined brows then let us take control with Back to Wow.

Pop in to your local brow bar for a complimentary consultation. We will advise you on your growth rate, shade and perfect shape. Depending on your growth rate, our technician will let you know how often to visit the brow bar (between every 7-14 days) over a 6-12 week period. From then on you don’t need to worry about your brows at all, they are in our very capable hands.

Your personalised plan will include multiple shaping and tinting treatments. This will help to disguise regrowth and encourage your brows to grow to their naturally full shape. You must resist the urge to pluck, and trust your technician. At the end of your bespoke service, your brows will have a final shape and tint, leaving you with your best possible eyebrows!

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