Benito’s 5 hints and tips for 2018 festival season!

At Benito we think one of the hardest decisions to make is how to fit your makeup in with your festival look! So here are some Benito hint and tips on how to ace festival season.

Gypsy Shrine is a great brand to take advantage of during the festival season! They have so many chunky glitters, face and body jewels to choose from it is unreal… They have recently expanded their range and brought out some face gems that are to die for. They also now sell a peel off face glue for the chunky glitters which allows you to peel the once messy glitter off in one swoop. Superdrug sell Gypsy Shrine jewels and not only that… when you partake in the 3 for 2 deal on cosmetics, make-up, accessories and bleach London hair you get a free Gypsy Shrine jewel! Imagine that you can get completely festival ready for 2018!

We believe that festivals are where you can really experiment with what you wear, what colours you choose and how bright you want to be! So don’t hold back at your festival go all out and if you want to look glam at the same time pop down to Benito to get our gorgeous, full and dramatic lashes that last up to 10 days – perfect for festival weekends.

We have gathered 5 of our favourite festival looks below to give you a little inspiration and we have added their Instagram names too!

Are you attending a festival this year?

Don’t hold back on the glitters, jewels and lashes.

Send us your pictures through we would love to see your looks!


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