Best and Worst Looks at The 2017 Grammys

From Adele’s speech to Beyoncé’s glorious performance with her glowing baby bump, The 2017 Grammy Awards was a star studded event. It was so much glitz and glamour to look forward to, all our favourite artists were there and yes, we couldn’t stop looking at their eyebrows first (out of habit obviously!).


Adele gave a very emotional (for some) speech when accepting her award for album of the year, she dedicated it to Beyoncé and even broke off a piece for her! She usually opts for a strong, thick eyeliner with brows to match but this time she’s softened it down so her make-up isn’t too harsh.


In 2011, Beyoncé finished her MTV VMA performance by announcing her first pregnancy. This time she performed at The Grammys with a huge, glowing baby bump, carrying twins! Did we mention that she performed in true Queen B style? She looked like an actual QUEEN wearing a sparkly golden attire and soft make-up.

Katy Perry

Katy Cats, Katy P is BACK! She’s bleached her hair (GOALS!) and released a new song called #ChainedToTheRhythm. The video is super weird and cute at the same time? It’s someone making miniature food for tiny hamsters, but we don’t expect anything less from Katy anyway. This Grammys look was truly, A LOOK. Although, we’re not sure about her dress for the red carpet…

Lady Gaga

Okay, Gaga announced her world tour for Joanne and we didn’t manage to get tickets… (sobs uncontrollably). She rocked up in typical Gaga style in a very, er, revealing outfit. As daring as the outfit may be, we still love her! Her make-up isn’t as crazy this time though, in-fact, it’s actually quite simple.


Rihanna has actually been named one of the worst dressed at this years Grammy awards, although we adore her colour choice (note: she’s wearing Benito colours!) we don’t adore the actual outfit choice. Soft glam make-up as per usual for Ri Ri, keeping it simple but gorgeous, and sporting a hip flask as an accessory! No surprises there.

Carrie Underwood

Country Godess. Nude lips and soft smokey eyes, Carrie Underwood looked STUNNING, keeping it simple for the face and hair but bold in a long, beaded red gown.


Not sure about Solange’s outfit choice but she definitely rocked the full, thick, curved eyebrows! Yes Solange! Minimal to no make-up her eyebrows stood out even more.

There’s sooooo many more Grammy looks we could go through but we’re too busy trying to keep up with awards season, haven’t even had time to look at the BAFTA red carpet looks yet! But all in all, so far, it seemed like everyone went for the soft glam this year.

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