Can I wear Mascara the day I get a Lash Tint?

Benito has a saying, once you get your lashes tinted… you never go back! We mix up a special blend of deepest black and dark blue tint to give your lashes inky depth and glossy goodness. The blue gives it an extra special kick of depth, although you can specify that you’d like a different custom mix. How about dark brown for redheads and blondes, for a really natural look? Or we can even custom match your own lashes if you don’t want to change the colour but do want to tint the very fair ends?

One thing to bear in mind is that we apply tint directly to your bare lashes, this means that you will either need to go mascara free on the day of your tint or be prepared to remove your mascara with a cleansing wipe before our technician can apply your tint. Happy tinting! B.x

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