Does the new MAC line truly represent Aaliyah?

The MAC x Aaliyah collection has finally been released and as fans we couldn’t be happier!

The collection is seen to truly represent Aaliyah as she was in the 90’s, an R&B sensation with a certain vibe to her that every woman wanted! The collection consists of nine eyeshadows, two lip liners, three lipsticks, 4 lip-glasses and a bronzer.

We all remember the 90’s R&B look when baggy joggers, ab-showing crop tops and halter necks were a must! But in the 90’s there was also a gothic hint in all clothing and make-up choices and especially for Aaliyah. She wore dark lipsticks and eyeshadows a lot of the time which is why this collection has a dark burgundy exterior to it which we think resembles her image perfectly, as seen on Kim Kardashians insta story. To top it off, all products in the line are named after Aaliyah’s songs which will definitely remind us all of the good old times!

Aaliyah’s brother, Rashad Haughton, worked closely with MAC to create this collection around his sister to make sure it had everything in there she would have wanted. The only thing fans have picked up on is that the bronzer is extremely light! Some fans even stated ‘She wouldn’t be able to wear her own bronzer’ which is very disappointing.

We can’t wait to see more reviews of these products following their  20th June launch and to see what is going to be a Benito favourite!

Will you be channelling your inner 90’s with the launch of Aaliyah’s new collection?

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