Find out what XXXTentacion has done to his eyebrows…

After featuring in 2017’s XXL Freshman Class, the musician has been put under the spotlight and has stole a lot of the limelight over the course of this year. After releasing his controversial ‘Look At Me’ music video last week, XXX is back again stealing the headlines…

Here at Benito, we take pride in making our customers eyebrows exactly how they want them and of course everyone is different. But has XXXTentacion took it too far this time? The Florida rapper has totally changed his image, after dying his hair grey, he has now shaved off his brows. It is very unclear what message X is trying to deliver, some fans are adamant that this is just another cry for attention. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

If you didn’t know, XXX had recently released his debut album ’17’ which was everything we expected – him expressing himself and showing his slightly crazy side. Many people think that his latest eyebrow stunt is just to try and sell more records. After all, he needs to promote his album one way or another!

After seeing the recording artist with no eyebrows, it makes us realise exactly how important eyebrows are. Having no eyebrows leaves you with no facial expression, they say eyebrows structure your face… and that definitely shows here!

We are interested in your thoughts on the latest eyebrow stunt, what do you think? Would you shave your own eyebrows off? Do we all think this is a cry for attention? The artist claims that “Humans fear what they don’t understand” in his defence.

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