Go behind the scenes at our exclusive Strip Lash Challenge

In case you missed it, we recently re launched our YouTube channel so, now, you can enjoy the entertaining content, beauty hacks & trends and our all important Benito Banter. We have now released our second video since the re launch, this one is certain to make you chuckle.

We present to you a montage of our Benito team attempting to apply unbranded false strip lashes using the same shot. Meet some of our team, whilst finding out how difficult strip lashes are to apply. If you are someone who has already tried to use strip lashes, I am sure you can relate to this video.

We are inviting you to come backstage with Benito and provide you with an insight into our Strip Lash Challenge video. First of all we picked six members of our Benito Team to test out the strip lashes for us and what an excellent job they all did. We managed to shoot the whole video in just a day, thanks to our co operative team. We have some behind the scenes images, Benito would like to share with you all…

A member of our team trying out the strip lashes.
The initial set-up

Strip Lash Challenge – Live from Benito HQ

Tell us what you think about our new challenge? Do you think you could do better? Give it a try and #BenitoChallenge so we can take a look.


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