Growing out your Brows

How long does it take to grow your brows back in?

We all love a good bold brow, but if you’ve over-plucked before, or you’re in that awkward in-between stage then here’s Benito’s quick guide to the science behind growing out your eyebrows!

As with all hair growth there are three stages. The growing stage, the resting stage and the shedding stage. These have complicated names (anagen, categen & telagon), but you don’t need to know them unless you’re super interested in biology! The length of these stages varies according to each individual and where the hair is located on your body. You might have noticed that some people’s scalp hair tends to grow faster, or that they can grow longer hair than you. This is because the hair on the scalp has the longest growing stage of all body hair, up to 7 years! However body hair, including lashes and brows tends to have a shorter active growth stage, between 30-45 days. This is why body hair is much shorter than the hair on your head!

After the active growth stage, hair rests for around 2-3 weeks, before moving to the shedding stage. The final stage in the growth cycle lasts around 100 days for hairs on the scalp and much longer for hairs on your eyebrows, lashes & body. All in all, from completely smooth skin to the final shedding can take approximately 4 months- and remember, this is for each hair! If your hairs are at different stages in the cycle, this will affect how long your growing-out phase will be.

So what does this mean for your brows? Well, we never said it was going to be easy- Benito recommends that you set aside 3 months to bring your brows back from the brink. We know it’s a bit of a commitment, and that’s why we’ve developed a special Package to see you safely through this annoying growing out stage.  Want to know more? Pop into your local Brow Bar and ask about Back to Wow!

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