Has Huda still got it… with her new Demi Matte range

It has finally launched! Huda Beauty’s demi matte liquid lipsticks are here! She cleverly launched this on #NationalLipstickDay which this year landed on 29th July. And if you’re wondering what Demi Matte is you have come to the right place!

As we all know, Huda Kattan is reigning in the makeup world, if you haven’t heard of her or used at least one of her products by now you must be living in a cave! Following her matte lipstick launch she followed with to die for eyeshadow palettes, highlighter palettes and baking powder. This collection has a glossy packaging as appose to the matte collection which has a clear frosted look, which makes sense as these give a slight creamier and shinier look than pure matte – Showing Huda’s great attention to detail.

Huda also decided to add a dash of mint to the formula which will slightly give a natural plump to the lips – even though we’ve heard it smells more like vanilla than mint! We also noticed that the matte lipsticks contained 5ml of product but the new collection only contains 3.6ml, yet they still retail at the same price…

This collection comes in such an array of colours from berry reds to the perfect nude! This has been tested and is rumoured to last up to 9 hours – through eating, drinking and napping how amazing is that!

We definitely think these deserve a place in your makeup bag!

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