How to choose the right lipstick for you

We have all been in the position where we are standing in front of an array of lipsticks in so many shades and you just wish the one you will love will just jump out into your basket! But… unfortunately that’s not always the case so, we are here to help you tackle the herd so you can find your perfect match!


Cool undertone-

A lot of people wonder what skin tone they are and actually never know! A cool undertone can be easily indicated. If you have a cool undertone your veins on your wrist will be blue/purple, you will burn easily in the sun and suit silver accessories.

With this skin tone you wouldn’t want a light lipstick as this would wash you out; Your best fit would be a red lipstick that has a blue/purple undertone as oppose to being too warm!

Warm undertone-

If you have a yellow/warm undertone to your skin your veins on your wrist will be green, you will get a nice bronze glow in the sun and suit gold accessories! The best lipstick choice for you would be corals, pinks and nudes as these will all have a warm undertone just like you. If you wanted to risk the red always make sure it’s a warm and fruity red as appose to a cooler one as it will not compliment you and your skin tone.

Dark undertone-  

For a darker skin tone, it is ALWAYS best to stick to deeper colours which include reds, dark nudes and berry colours as any other colours would get washed out and nobody wants that!

Neutral undertone-  

You’re the lucky ones… with a neutral undertone you can practically pull anything off! With a neutral undertone there is nothing to clash with therefore go wild. It doesn’t matter whether you go for a bright red or a coral pink they will all look great so you are free to choose whatever colour you want.


We really hope your now confident to walk into the lipstick aisle and are able to select the lipstick to best compliment you! If you find a must have for your skin tone, let us know!

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