What are Back to Wow Brows?


The amazing Benito treatment to achieve glossy, bold, catwalk friendly brows without the ugly regrowth.

The “Back to WOW” treatment from Benito is a bespoke service for those wanting to create fuller, bolder brows. Personalised according to your brow shade, shape and growth rate, Benito help share the pain!
It takes courage and patience to put up with the ugly stray hairs that seem to pop up everywhere when growing brows. This is where Benito step in … we will take your brows under their care and guidance and tailor our tint and shaping services to suit your needs.

Your brows will be tinted just a shade darker than normal (so any re growth is lighter hence less noticeable) and over a period of six weeks, invite you back for a weekly visit where the brows will be checked, any stray hairs removed by our threading experts, and shaped.

After six weeks, depending on the speed of your re-growth, all you will need is a quick touch up and tint or a slick of brow gloss.

WOW brows will be yours, just make sure you look after them!

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