Does Threading Hurt?

Let’s not beat about the bush, when you have your eyebrows threaded, you’re having the hair literally pulled out. It’s gone. Obviously there’s going to be a little bit of pain, but compared to other methods of hair removal, it’s much, much more bearable!

It’s also not quite as painful as waxing because the technician is being extremely precise. She will take a length of cotton, doubled up, and twist it around individual hairs before pulling them out from the roots.

The procedure is usually done on the eyebrows and upper lip and the results can be fantastic but again, you’re going to feel a little sting the first few times.

However, you will be offered a soothing aloe vera gel to help and over time, you’ll find that you hardly notice any stinging at all.

It’s a bit like brushing your teeth with an electric toothbrush, the first few times it tickles, and then after a while you don’t feel it at all!

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