Fancy tinting your eyebrows yourself?

Fancy tinting your eyebrows yourself?

Consider the dangers before going it alone!
Many of us are happy to dye our hair at home; people have been doing it for decades and home based kits are easy to use. However, due to its accessible and ease of use, we sometimes forget that what we’re doing is essentially using a bleach to strip out the colour before adding other chemicals to replace it.
We cover up thoroughly to make sure we don’t stain our clothes and furniture but if the compounds got in our eyes – we’d know about it!
It’s fairly obvious then that putting such chemicals near our eyes isn’t an exceptionally safe thing to do, especially as we need to see what we’re doing at the same time. We can’t close our eyes and hope for the best, although this might start a new fashion craze!

Home kits that use the same dyes as hair colours (i.e. for permanent dyes) are effectively banned in the USA as they’ve been shown to cause serious injury and in some cases, blindness. That’s a good enough reason for us to steer clear of DIY kits.

The safe way to luscious lashes and brows

Of course, having your eyebrows and lashes tinted at a Brow Bar is the safe way to get the look and colour you seek.
Benito’s trained staff are there to help you in all aspects of the process from choosing the right shade of tint for you, through to a full skin test and then to the final application. Using only the best equipment that’s fully compliant with health and safety regulations, you can be sure of a fantastic experience at our bars.

Did we say skin test?

Everyone is different, and that goes for your skin. In order to get a permanent and full colour on your eyelashes and brows, chemicals are used. It’s OK, they’re perfectly safe, but we need to test them first to check for any reactions. Some people are allergic to strawberry jam; others might react to the chemicals in our dyes. Don’t worry though, we don’t use jam. Think of the wasps!
If it’s your first visit or you haven’t been for six months (yes, we know, we’re careful like that!) we will test for a reaction before continuing the treatment.
This is simply our duty of care to you because we want you to have the best experience possible at any of our brow bars nationwide.

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