Top 10 Tips for Perfect Lashes

Everyone loves a good lash! From Hollywood to Liverpool, when the summer rolls around us girls layer on the mascara and glue on MAC’s 12 Lash. Our aim is to flit from cocktail bar to beach, flirting over Frappuccinos, and praying for that perfect golden tan. So as woman we’re used to using our eyes as a means of communicating affection- with particular emphasis on the lashes!

Benito Lash Extension- Open and Shut

For the most beautiful lashes, keeping them healthy a big beauty rule. Lashes are fluttery, delicate things and need the gentle touch

1. Never scrub, rub or tug your make-up off.

2. Place a cotton pad dampened with make-up remover over your eyes, hold for a few seconds, before gently wiping away make-up.

3. Before bed apply a small amount of vaseline, but if you tend to have oily eyelids, keep vaseline away from your lids.

4. Curl your lashes before applying mascara.

5. For extra curl heat your curlers with your hair dryer! (Caution advised- hot metal can burn!)

6. Always remove yesterdays mascara before applying todays.

7. If you get make-up in your eye, close your eye for a few seconds to let it clean itself.

8. Change your mascara every three months.

9. If you use false eyelashes, make sure not to grab hold of your real lashes when removing them!

10. Apply one layer of mascara, leave for a few minutes to dry then apply a second. Wiggle the brush back and forth at the base to avoid lashes clumping.


There are some really great products out there, both if you’re looking to break the bank- or have a strict budget!
Eyeko is our beauty floor brand of choice for full, inky black lashes. Rimmel London is another fantastic brand for plumping your lashes to the max. (And personally, if anything can help us get a bit of Kate Moss’ beauty- we’re happy with that!)

Even the best made plans can go completely out the window with last minute summer shopping or a surprise crisis at work. So there are always lash extensions to fall back on. Phew, time to get working on that beach body!

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