MAC x Jamie Genevieve launch

Jamie Genevieve with over 700k subscribers, is a Scotland based Makeup Artist and Vlogger who the UK know and adore! A long time coming Jamie has collaborated with MAC.

Jamie released in January, a little teaser to her fans about this but it has finally come out and we couldn’t be more excited!

She has now released a lipstick with MAC and it has Jamie written all over it (literally). But before we talk you through the lipstick let’s start with the packaging… It is obviously unique to Jamie but when looking at the packaging we knew it was familiar and she clarified to us that it was in fact a photo of her favourite denim jacket! This is accompanied by her signature is a gold foil making the packaging feel more luxurious, just like Jamie!

Now onto the lipstick… The bullet style MAC lipstick will be called shade @JamieGenevieve. Of course, those of you who watch Jamie know that she constantly wears nude lipsticks and practically nothing else (her favourite being a nude accompanied by a ‘Cork’ lip liner) Her lipstick is the perfect nude! It is in between Myth by MAC and HoneyLove by MAC but as Jamie says with the right lipliner it can create whatever look you desire!




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