Primark becoming the new Disney store – For adults

As you may know, Primark has successfully taken a stab into the beauty industry by duping high end makeup but is their Disney themed makeup going to take off?

Disney have their own store, right? Well, you would think they had moved into Primark with some of their recent home, clothing and makeup collections! They even have a designated page on their website for all ‘Beauty and the Beast’ inspired products.

The ‘Beauty and the Beast’ collection began with a Chip mug, then makeup bags and now includes rose shaped makeup brushes, Belle false eyelashes and false nails with Mrs Potts and Chip featured on them!

Since the re-release of the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ film starring Emma Watson that aired early 2017, are they too late to the party? Or will there always be a major buzz over these Disney themed products?


Will you be taking a trip to Primark for these products, or did you leave ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in 2017?

Let us know!

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