Should I use coconut oil in my skin care regime

A lot of people love to use natural oils and products in their skin care routine but is coconut oil the correct one for you?

Coconut oil is one item that can be used for many things such as hair conditioner and shaving cream, or alternatively, a healthy cooking oil substitute!

Coconut keeps your skin hydrated it creates a thin layer over your skin which locks in moisture. If you are someone who suffers with oily/ acne prone skin this may be your worst nightmare… most people with oily/ acne prone skin want to get rid of all their oil not lock it into their skin! Coconut oil has been known to aggravate the appearance of acne and oil on the skin.

On the other hand, if you suffer with dry skin or eczema then you are doing yourself dis-justice by not owning this product. Coconut oil will keep you hydrated as well as fighting germs and bacteria on the skin to keep you fresh and spot free!

Benito’s verdict; coconut oil is a great natural oil to use if you are the right skin type to use it and remember a little goes a long way! Don’t over use this product as it will result in excess oil on your skin.

Benito tip – Use as an under-eye moisturiser to prevent wrinkles and under eye bags!

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