The best shape of eyebrows to flatter your face

We all have different shaped faces, from hearts to ovals, a persons facial features and structure should help to define the right eyebrow shape for you. Now, we know there’s already contouring and highlighting to give the illusion of a different shaped face, but the shape of your eyebrows will play a huge part in the shape of your face too.


If you have a circular face shape, structured eyebrows with strong arches and long tails would be the path to go down. It’ll give the illusion of a more oval looking face. Slimming a round face can be as simple as extending the tails of the eyebrows just a few millimetres past the natural length of your eyebrows.


An oval face should have eyebrows that have the appropriate thickness, it should be balanced out with the rest of your facial features. Big eyes = big brows.


For heart shaped faces you should opt for softer eyebrows, with a soft, round arch. Think of Reese Witherspoon and Kourtney Kardashian. Go for curves instead of sharp edges, this will soften the shape of your face.


If your face has a more boxy, angled shape to it, your eyebrows should have the most exaggerated arches. Give your eyebrows the maximum height. This will give an illusion of a longer and more narrow face.



Think of face shapes like Kiera Knightley. Go for linear shaped eyebrows, avoid high arches and aim for a flatter shape. This will flatter and soften the sharp facial angles.

There are many, many different shaped faces out there. So you can imagine, a lot of different brow shapes to go for. We’re not one to tell you what shape your eyebrows SHOULD be, if you want high arches then go for high arches! If you want flat brows then go for flat brows! This should only be taken as a guide if you’re stuck for choice or if you’re an eyebrow newbie and need some guidance.

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