The Roll-On eyeliner that looks like a pizza cutter

Roll on eye liner…is this the best beauty hack, why wasn’t this created sooner!

Have you ever woken up extremely late and thought if you even attempt to carry out a winged eyeliner it will look a lot more like a fin than an elegant wing! This product is extremely easy to use allowing a fast application- being perfect for those ‘I got up late days’.

This product is promoted as being a perfect choice for all! From a total beginner to a self- reclaimed eye liner addict. The roller is ultra-fine and creates a flawless line whether it’s a curved or pointed line and with its smudge proof and waterproof formula it will last from dawn till dusk!

We love the idea of this NUDESTIX eyeliner seamlessly rolling onto your eye. It comes in various shades too, but the most popular is looking to be the ‘Black Moon’ which is a seductive demi-matte liner. Fancy something more daring? Other shades include two gorgeous metallic shades, Golden Rose and Bronze Patina.

Since this product launch it has had many positive reactions…

“Another great Nudestix product I’ve bought a number of the eye pencils from Nudestix & found them all great. I bought this in the golden rose colour, lovely colour, easy to apply & really long lasting. About all you could ask for in a liquid liner!”

We think this applicator will definitely be the next beauty craze question is will you be making the purchase… It’s a win win, don’t you think?


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