Threading for the first time; what to expect

Are you a virgin to the ancient Indian technique? We’ve given your questions to our experts across the country and here we have the ins and outs of what to expect on your first visit!


Q – Why threading?

A – Threading pulls out the hair from its root therefore it lasts longer than plucking. It is a method using two pieces of thread that are intertwined together that removes your brow hair in defined lines therefore, giving the technician perfect control over shaping your brow.


Q – What shape should I have?

A – Our threading experts will do a thorough consultation. Whether you want a tidy up or want to join our ‘Back to Wow’ brow programme; Benito have got you covered. Our brow experts will advise you on what shape they believe is best and won’t move onto the other brow until you’re fully satisfied with the first one.


Q – Why do I need to stretch? – it’s extremely important

A – We ask you to stretch the skin surrounding your brows as this tightens that area allowing the technician to be more precise and have a smoother base to work with, ensuring they capture each hair they need to! If it’s your first time don’t worry our technicians are trained to ensure you are able to successfully stretch the brow in the correct way!


Q – Painful on a scale of 1 to 10…

A – With all hair removal services there is some level of pain but to ensure you will be okay with this our technicians offer threading on your hand before your treatment to so you are able to see  how it feels once this is done, if you’re happy to, they will proceed with the treatment.


Q – How long will my skin be red for?

A – The amount of time depends on the individuals skin type. Most clients redness goes down in around an hour but at Benito to speed up this process we massage in Aloe Vera soothing gel which will soothe the area and reduce redness.


Q – Why do I need Aloe Vera soothing gel?

A – Your brow expert will recommend this to you for just £6, Benito advises that you apply this every morning and evening for 7 days following your treatment this will ensure any redness is soothed.


Q – To trim or not to trim?

A – Our brow experts will always ask if you would like your brows trimmed at the top. Be sure to mention this during your consultation if you are anti-trim!


Q – Did you say massage?

A – Did you know we also offer a complimentary hand and facial massage along with your brow treatment? So, sit back and relax, you won’t want to leave.


Still deciding if threading is for you, come and visit us for a consultation.


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