Threading vs Plucking

Threading is a technique that originates from Middle East and South Asia. It practices the art of hair removal using a piece of thread and here at Benito we have gathered the best threading experts to keep your brows intact and looking perfect.


Plucking between your brow treatments isn’t advised as plucking won’t grab each individual hair from the root like threading does. It actually snaps the hair which means that hair is going to grow back a lot faster. It is also a big cause for ingrown hairs which is something nobody wants on their brows!


There is a big risk with plucking and that is… over-plucking! If you over pluck your brows there is a chance that the hair may not grow back again. It will be so much harder to maintain your perfect brow shape, if your threading technician doesn’t have much hair to work with in the first place.


If you’re someone who just can’t stand the sight of one stray hair, then fear not! Pick up a NYX brow mascara for those unruly brows and put them back in their place until your next appointment. Or if you have some strays you don’t want seen then use a concealer to outline underneath your brows and it will instantly cover up the strays and add definition.


At Benito we recommend our Back to Wow package card for those who are culprits of over-plucking, as this will give you 6 Brow Shapes and 2 tints which is perfect to start your journey back to natural brows. On the other hand, if you feel your brows are too far gone, then Benito have you covered with Rejuvabrow which combines Semi-Permanent and Microblading services giving you perfect brows that last up to 2 years!


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