Tips For Growing And Maintaining A Beard

Every man should always maintain their grizzly beard, whether it growing too slow or too fast we’ve got just the tips to help you grow and maintain it. For some, it can be an obsession in grooming the beard, take footballer – Nicolás Otamendi for example, the KING of maintaining his beard, never will you ever catch him with a un-groomed beard. Just look at those sharp, even lines!


Match your beard to the shape of your face

You must be mindful of the length of the hair, the longer your face = the shorter the beard should be. You don’t want to make your face look longer by having a long beard!

Know how and when to trim

An essential when it comes to grooming your beard. Trim all the hairs so they’re even, even it it’s only the slightest hair out of place!

Wash it regularly

You should sort of treat your beard hair like the hair on your head… you should wash your hair regularly so why wouldn’t you wash your beard?!

Tame it with regular use of beard oil

The use of beard oil is so underrated. Not only will it keep your beard from looking frazzled it will tame those fly aways!

Train your beard to grow in one direction by combing it daily

Comb your beard so that a) it doesn’t look ratty and b) the hairs get used to growing in the same direction.

Don’t forget about the moustache!

If you have a moustache that is… groom your ‘tache as you would your beard!

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