Is 2018 the year of self-love?!


Self-love has never had such a powerful meaning than it does now, in 2018. We hear millions of stories on a daily basis of people not feeling good enough or comparing themselves to models/celebrities on social media. When, in actual fact, this isn’t real!

We all know it is important to love ourselves… But are we getting self-loved mixed up with treating/pampering ourselves? For many self-love is pampering themselves, going out to treat yourself, putting your feet up and relaxing. Self-love is finding peace within ourselves, nurturing our attitude towards what we experience on the inside and out.

“We just provide services to enhance the beauty you already have” – Benito.

Here are Benito’s top tips

  • Try starting your day by telling yourself something really positive that you have done in your life.
  • Anyone who isn’t bringing positivity into your life, isn’t worth associating with.
  • Always remember you should not compare yourself to anyone. There is no one on the planet like you.
  • Always celebrate your wins, no matter whether it is something small.
  • Step out of your comfort zone, every once in a while. It is an incredible feeling when you realise you have achieved something you didn’t know that you could.


You’ve seen our video, now here’s what self-love means to some of us at Benito HQ:

“Making time for yourself, love yourself for who you are.”

“Self-love to me is being true to yourself and not always worrying what other people think. Accepting you for who you are and spreading positive vibes to others.”

“Self-love to me means self-acceptance.”

We hope this has inspired you to stop worrying about others and love yourself, be yourself and be comfortable. Take a thought for yourself this Valentine’s Day!

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