Wigs for your eyebrows?!

From brow carving to microblading, there’s been some pretty ‘out there’ eyebrow trends as of late – but the latest one may be the most odd yet: brow wigs.

Brow wigs, which are essentially stick-on brows made from real hair, have been spotted on various YouTube channels and on makeup artist Hung Vanngo’s Instagram page a few days ago. He shared a video of someone using brow wigs with the caption ‘sold,’ along with a laughing emoji face.


In all fairness, when you see what they look like when on, they actually look rather convincing. This could also be genius for anyone who has suffered hair loss due to alopecia or other illness.

While the idea of brow wigs mystified and terrified us in the beginning, we actually feel like it could maybe catch on. MAYBE…

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