Why you should NEVER over-pluck your eyebrows

THERE WAS A time, not so long ago, when getting trigger-happy with the tweezers was fashionable.

christina4Source: Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment

Many a good eyebrow was lost to this trend, and some of us are still out here trying to get them back. These are our struggles.

1. Remember when you were convinced you had a unibrow? Remember that?


“This is it now,” your 12-year-old self thought. “There is precisely one black hair between my eyebrows, and therefore no boy will ever like me.”

2. So you took your mam’s tweezers and went to town on every stray hair

My VH1 Gwen StefaniAn eyebrowless young Gwen Stefani.Source: PA Archive/PA Images

Not just once. Not twice. Many times, until your eyebrows resembled two tadpoles on your face.

3. Now everyone’s like “Ooh Cara Delevingne! Oh, Lily Collins!” and you’re raging

The 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Amazon Studios AfterpartySource: Danny Moloshok/PA Wire

Raging! You’d have been run out of town for brows like that, back in your day!

4. So you’ve tried every growth trick under the sun


Oils, potions, sacrifices to pagan gods – you name it, it’s been done in the name of brows.

5. And every Pinterest ‘hack’ you could find

f395cf5b16f65a90d436f9dd25d52d50Source: Pinterest

“Soap on a stick! Of course! Why didn’t I ever think of that before!” – you, half crazed for want of an eyebrow.

6. Yet still, there are patches where hair just refuses to grow


You really did pluck them into oblivion. Poor things.

7. You feel personally victimised by the whole ‘brows on fleek’ meme

65281c02e75ca6bdecf0433f8d4b9521Source: Pinterest

You don’t think we want to have good eyebrows?

8. But these Instagram transformations give you hope


The closest thing to actual magic we’ve ever seen.

9. And you regularly thank the Lord for Anastasia Beverly Hills


Or whatever brow helpers you’re having yourself. You da real MVP, brow gel.


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