We all look back at photographs of our younger, adolescent selves and think ‘those weren’t eyebrows!’ Then we thank our heaven-sent brow technician for helping us along the path to brow perfection. But why is it that brows are so important? What is it that makes any old eyebrow a ‘Wow Brow’?

First and foremost, brows shape the face. The saying is overused, but it’s incredibly true. There’s nothing worse than a brow that flattens the face, making it look unshapely, whether they’re too thin (we’ve all been there – remember the 90s?!) or simply unkempt and untamed! Creating a brow masterpiece is a combination of threading, tinting and a dash of makeup to sharpen it all up. Sounds simple, right? It really is. So, where should you start?

ONE. Taking the first step into browsville can leave you feeling a little intimidated and overwhelmed – waxing, threading, tweezing, tinting, and the list goes on! We abide by the art of threading because, not only does it last much longer than waxing, but it gives you the most precise line and the sharpest finish. There’s no wonder it’s been around for thousands of years! At Benito, we don’t ‘that’ll do’ it – it needs to be perfect every time – eyebrows are so visible we know it’s not like you can just cover them up if they don’t turn out quite right!

TWO. All threading lovers will agree that once they took that first step it was almost addictive. The feeling of having a fresh brow gives you such confidence – it’s you and your brows against the world! Tinting those small, downy hairs that are probably quite pale and invisible in between all the other hairs helps to give the brow definition and, ultimately, gives you a sharper, darker look.

THREE. And finally, the make-up. Finding the perfect product – powder, gel or liquid – as well as the perfect shade – not too warm, too cool, too dark or too light – can be a hassle and for most of us takes a while to nail down. If you’re struggling to find your perfect product or shade, we recommend speaking to your technician. Our Brow Bars in Debenhams, Birmingham and Westfield, London stock HD products and offer HD services, which can be a huge help in finding your perfect brow match. Not only will our expert technicians match you with the perfect product and colour, they can apply the product for you and show you how to do it at home!

So, the art of brows has been mastered. We just hope it makes your life that little bit easier and your brows a LOT happier.


Find your nearest Benito Brow Bar here and embark on the journey of taking your brows to ‘wow’:

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