Human attraction is a wonderful thing, and in many cases, we behave unconsciously to the way people look, not knowing why we’re attracted to one person or turned off by another.

Looking good and taking after your appearance can have wide-ranging consequences. We’re pretty fickle at the best of times, and deals have been struck and lost due to the way one party looks or acts.

It’s important, therefore, that we take time on our appearance, and fine-tune those parts of the face that can have the most effect, but why the eyebrows?

Your eyebrows are the first thing someone notices about your face, it frames your face and gives it some structure.

It doesn’t matter if you have the best hair or the most professional make-up, if your brows aren’t perfect, they can detract from the rest of your face.

The structure that your eyebrows give to the rest of your face will flow and enhance your makeup and hair, so when looking good, they can give you the confidence to face the day!


Although there’s that saying when you’re stressing about your brows “brows are sisters, not twins” they still need to be even!

Research has shown that symmetry in faces is linked to how people perceive attractiveness. Quite why this is so has been researched extensively, and it seems that it’s linked to health and wellbeing.

Even babies spend more time staring at pictures of symmetric faces than they do staring at asymmetric ones, so it seems it’s not a learned behaviour, it’s in our genetics.

So, ensuring your brows are even is a great step towards ensuring your face is proportioned well and looks radiant and healthy.


They need to be combed and trimmed if the hairs are too long to keep a clean and tidy look.

When you look around a room, you’ll notice quickly those people who have wild eyebrows with hairs sticking out at all angles.

Do you find that attractive? Probably not!

It doesn’t take long to trim your brows and tame those wild hairs, and it can give body and balance to the rest of your eyebrows, accentuating your look.


You should always follow your natural arch, never pluck it away (or pluck in general) in hopes of creating a new arch.

We’ve all seen people who insist on plucking all their eyebrows out in the hope of redefining them entirely, but it can look very odd indeed.

Your brows follow a natural shape on your face – they’re there for a reason, so you should sculpt them while sticking to that shape. If you go overboard, you’ll look unnatural and that natural frame won’t work anymore.


Eyebrows are powerful at showing emotional expression. How are you supposed to show expression with no brows?!

They say that communication is mostly down to how you say something rather than what you say, and your eyebrows are fantastic non-verbal indicators.

Ever said “yes” in answer to something and raised your eyebrow?

Others know exactly what you mean!

If your eyes are the doorway to the soul, your eyebrows are the doorframe, and they can help your eyes and the rest of your face look stunning, so they’re worth spending some time on!

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