As eyebrows are the window frame to the soul and because they give your face some structure it’s only natural that you’d want them to look full. Thicker and fuller eyebrows make it easier to get the desired shape you’re after, you wouldn’t want someone to look at you and go “eeerr where’s their eyebrows?!”. Many of us have fallen victim to over-plucking and have struggled to grow them back, we spend the days reminiscing on when days were simple and we actually had eyebrows.

Whether you were born with thin wispy brows or you over-plucked or you just fancy thicker brows, we’ve got some tips on how you can encourage your brows to grow naturally.

1. Castor Oil

Ahhh, good old castor oil, what can’t it do? It can be used for sore muscles, it can help you sleep and is also beneficial for minor skin problems! As castor oil also promotes hair growth a lot of people use this for their hair, including the eyebrows! It’s inexpensive and can be bought from many different stores. Simply dab some castor oil onto your fingers and lightly rub it through your eyebrows before going to bed.

2. Coconut Oil

This lovely thick oil can also be used for a variety of different things, it’s quickly made it’s way up the popularity scale from moisturising skin to whitening teeth. Not only does it encourage hair growth, it encourages hair to grow back thick. Just like  castor  oil, rub it through your brows and leave overnight. If you don’t want to use oils like this, there are a number of eyebrow serums that are made to encourage eyebrow growth, although we do recommend coconut and castor oil as they’re natural.


3. Massage

You’re probably thinking we’re going a bit loopy but massaging the area around your eyebrows increases blood circulation to that area which will improve the growth of your eyebrows. Try massaging this area with your fingers in circular motions and use a little bit of olive oil (or other oils such as rosemary).


4. Don’t Use Make-up

Although some of us can’t ever leave the house without our eyebrows filled in, using heavy make-up on your eyebrows everyday can actually clog up the pores and block the hairs from coming out. If you can, try to ease up on the eyebrow make-up or use none at all. Keep your eyebrows clean and tidy and watch them blossom over time!


5. Wait It Out

Honestly, growing your eyebrows out can be long and can sometimes make you think they’re not even growing at all. Hair growth on the eyebrows can take a while but they will grow back eventually, especially if you encourage the hair growth with natural oils.


We can’t 100% guarantee that your eyebrows will grow back fast and thick but time heals all wounds (wounds that we got from our long lost days of over-plucking)…

Tweet us at @benitobrowbar and let us know if any of these have worked for you or if you have any other tips!

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