Yes, you did read that right. Stamps. For. Your. Eyebrows.

Forget all your angled eyebrow brushes and make-up drawers full of eyebrow powders, gels and wax – make way for eyebrow stamps! Okay, we’re joking, but eyebrow stamps can’t be THAT bad can they?

We recently wrote a post about all the different eyebrow products that you can choose from but we missed out eyebrow stamps! At first, we thought “what? this has to be a joke”, when we first heard of eyebrow stencils we thought that it was a bit weird, but it sort of caught on in the beauty world, it makes it easier for you if you’re not sure what shape to go for we suppose. But eyebrow STAMPS? that’s something that will probably never catch on…

So, before we move on, the idea of a stamp for your eyebrows isn’t completely terrible. Until we watched the stamp in action… which you can watch here.

The eyebrow stamp does no favours to the natural shape of your eyebrows, neither does it help to structure your face, or even provide you with the on-fleek eyebrows you’ve always dreamed of. You’d think that this stamp would save you so much time but nope! it actually just doubles your time, as you can see in the video we mentioned earlier, you’ll probably end up spending more time fixing the shape it left you with.

Although the idea of basically putting in no effort into filling your eyebrows is really enticing, and we’re all for “don’t knock it until you try it”, this particular eyebrow err “tool” is definitely a hit and miss.

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