Long, short, thick or thin, everyones natural eyelashes go through the same cycle. Eyelashes are a feature that can change the look of anyones eyes and face, eyelash extensions make them look fuller, a swoop of coloured mascara can make the colour of your eyes pop and curled eyelashes can open up your eyes to make them look bigger. Here are some random facts about eyelashes.

They protect your eyes

The biological purpose of your eyelashes is to protect your eyes. Similar to our eyebrows, they’re there to keep things like dirt, sweat and other unwanted things out of your eyes. It sounds silly but it is what it is. Although, when you do get something in your eye it always seems to be an eyelash… how EYEronic.


Eyelashes have 3 growth phases

The first stage a growing eyelash goes through is called the the ‘anagen’ phase, which is the active growth stage when the eyelash will start to grown, just like a regular hair follicle. Then it’s the ‘catagen’ phase (also known as the transition stage), this is when the eyelash starts to contract which basically means it’s finished growing and the hair follicle starts to shrink. Last comes the ‘telogen’ phase, this is the resting stage when the eyelash has settled in. It’s a 100 day resting cycle until the eyelash falls out and a new one begins to grow!


They fall out daily

Now you know that eyelashes go through 3 growth phases, you’ve probably already guessed that each eyelash goes through the cycle in it’s own time, so you don’t need to worry about having bald stages! Anywhere from 1 to 5 eyelashes will fall out each day, this is why your eyelashes are much shorter than the hair on your head. Although, the longest eyelash on record grew to 6.99 centimetres long to be exact!


There is a big difference in numbers between upper and lower eyelashes

The eyelashes on your upper eyelid are almost twice as full as your lower eyelashes, they have about 200 – 300 eyelashes while your lower lid has around 100. Your eyelashes also vary in length, the eyelashes in the middle are generally longer than the eyelashes on the sides.


Tiny mites live on your eyelashes

As weird and gross as this sounds, your eyelashes actually need those little mites living on them. They’re called Demodex and their purpose is to rid your eyelashes of dirt and debris, they are essentially cleaning your eyelash follicles. If your eyelash follicles get clogged up with dirt it can lead to eye problems such as styes!


So there you have it, some random and some weird facts about eyelashes. Be appreciative of your natural eyelashes, they go through so much! Oh and before we finish, one last random fact: only mammals have eyelashes! We do envy those extra long, thick, full eyelashes that camels are blessed with!

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