As fashion week makes it’s last stop in Paris we had a look at the BEST (and weird) beauty looks from the city of love! From bare faced to glossy and splashes of colour, we got to see a whole range of beauty trends, old and new!


This year, Balmain went for the minimal make-up, soft glow with soft smokey eyes. It was simply gorgeous and looked so effortless!



They also went for the soft glow and smokey eyes!


Chanel never fails to disappoint. Just like Balmain, they went for a simple make-up look. With only some blush and a pop of lipstick the models were ready to walk the runway.


Glittery lips were a hit at Paris FW for Fendi. Pat McGrath for the win!


We absolutely LOVE these bleach-pink brows! Definitely hope that this trend passes on.


Not sure what this look is all about but, it’s different and goes with the geometrical style!


We expect nothing less from Kenzo, a splash of neon around the eyes and bold lips? We’re so here for it!


LV went for the bold eyes this time by using a generous amount of liner and swoops of bright shades.


The complete opposite of the fresh faced make-up trend that’s currently happening. Loads of colour to brighten up the runway!


Finally, some brow action! Rocha’s decided to go for the drawn on brows. Although it reminds us of the days where we overplucked and had pencil thin brows, it strangely works for us.


Complicated name but simple looks for PFW. Love the pop of orange on the eyes!


There’s soooooo many looks to choose from, and so many more that we haven’t even mentioned! All in all, the fresh faced, barely there, ‘no make-up’ make-up look were a huge hit this year. We had a lot of colour popping too! Let’s see if any of these beauty trends catch on!

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