We ALL know the struggles of wearing falsies, or tried to wear. We’ve all been through it and some of us probably still are. As great as they can look, the pain and effort of trying to get them on and stay on just isn’t worth it! We’ve rounded up the most annoying things that happen when trying to wear strip lashes:


1. You cut the lashes too short

Now they’re too short so it looks like you’ve only put half a lash on.

2. The glue doesn’t work

You didn’t bother buying a separate lash glue. “Nah, I don’t need to buy one, they come with one already”. Big mistake.

3. You have left over gunk from the last time you wore them… or tried to wear them

The old glue is clumpy and just… gross.

4. The lash won’t lay on your natural lashes properly

They just don’t want sit comfortably on your lashes. Like telling a dog to sit but they just stare at you with their tongue out instead.

5. Accidentally gluing your eye shut

Yes! The lash glue is just the right amount of tacky, oh, but wait… too tacky it seems, and too much, because you’ve just GLUED your eye SHUT.

6. Intense concentration is involved when you’re trying to put them on

*calculates drying time, angles, taxi ETA, the square root of 563, why does the word gigantic have 2 different sounding G’s?*

7. The lash applicator you bought on eBay actually just makes things worse

Unfortunately, you won’t get the $2.56 back because the seller doesn’t accept refunds and also, just let it sink in that you waited over a month for it to arrive from the other side of the world.

8. They’re too thick and heavy so you look like you’re sleeping in public

Or, you really are sleeping on the bus.

9. You’ve lost one lash

So you’ve finally managed to put one on but you can’t find the other lash…

10. You mistaken it for a huge spider

You’ve found the long lost lash but immediately mistaken it for a huge spider!

11. You wear glasses

The lashes will push against the glasses which is irritating, so you risk being blind for the day, for the sake of your falsies

12. You’ve ruined your super soft smokey eye

Yep… that perfect smokey eye took you forever to get just right, but you’ve ruined it

13. Your uber has arrived

The uber driver arrived waaaay quicker than expected (so you think… actually it was on time) but you don’t even have one lash on yet

14. They start to fall off at the most inconvenient time ever

The lighting is perfect, you’re about to take the best selfie EVER. But…

15. After spending majority of your time trying to get them on, you finally give up

Only to try again the next day

16. You look like a different person when you take them off

You finally got them on but now you can’t cope with how different you look and feel like you need to go through all that pain every day

17. And finally, you’ve spent all your money on lashes you can’t even put on

You’ve stooped to a new low… and also gone into overdraft

Don’t let this be you…

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