Thick, thin, sparse, curly, too short or too long, we all or have experienced a number of these problems with our eyebrows. Your eyebrows are one of the most important features of your face that can make a huge difference, so it’s only natural that you’d want them to look their very best. Raise your hand if you’ve ever been late to anywhere because of your eyebrows *raises hand*. Here’s the most common problems and how to tackle them.

Thick, shapeless brows

If you have thick eyebrows and you’ve never had them shaped before the you’re lucky enough to have not have had them absolutely destroyed before. Find a professional and they should have a consultation with you to help you get the most desired shape that you want.

If you’re lazy and don’t want to use anything on your brows

You don’t want to use anything on your eyebrows but no one wakes up with perfect eyebrows, even Cara Delevingne has to groom hers. Just brush them in the morning to keep them tidy and you’re all good to go!

Over-plucked brows

There’s not really a way round this but to just let them grow… or if you’re really serious, try using erm brow wigs?

Can’t match the colour of your hair

If you really want to go that extra mile and match the colour of your hair to the colour of your eyebrows you need to think bigger. Don’t immediately go in search for brow products, opt for matte eye shadows to use on your eyebrows instead!

Bushy brows that are well, too bushy

If your eyebrows are thick and glorious but a bit toooo much, all you need to do is trim them down a little! Give them a snip and brush through to keep them thick and bold. Doesn’t require too much effort!

Unruly brows

So you have bushy brows and you want to keep them that way buuuut they have a mind of their own right? Having cowlicks that are on the verge of becoming full curls just isn’t great but it can be fixed with some brow gel or even just a bit of hairspray brushed through them to keep them in place for the day.

Sparse eyebrows

Patchy eyebrows aren’t a good look, if you just weren’t blessed with the best brows ever then this can be a reeeeally annoying thing to deal with every day of your life. But! don’t fret, there’s always a way round sparse eyebrows, fill them in lightly with some powder or why not get a brow tint? Takes less than 15 minutes and will save you a huge amount of time in the morning from filling in the patchy areas.

Short eyebrows

If your eyebrows are too far apart or not long enough, use a thin brow pencil to mimic hair like strokes to give it the length you want! MAC cosmetics do a really good brow pencil to mimic those hairs which you can find here.

Eyebrows are ‘wonky’

We’ve all heard the saying “Brows are sisters, not twins” and, while that may be true, your eyebrows still need to resemble each other! Get them re-shaped by a professional, if you have no idea what shape you really want, your eyebrow gal should have a consultation with you beforehand to help you get the desired shape that you want and the best to suite your face. Once they’ve been reshaped you can always give them a even cleaner shape by lightly lining and filling them in.

There’s always a way round a lot of eyebrow problems that we encounter! I mean, we ARE the experts. If you need some help to tame and shape your bush babies we offer threading and tinting treatments to bring out the best of your brows.

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