If you’ve never had lash extensions before then this must be all so new to you! *WARNING: lash extensions can be addictive 🙄* From the length and thickness of individual eyelashes to the process and upkeep of the lashes, don’t worry about a thing, we’ve got you covered.

Here, at Benito, we offer two different types of individual eyelash extensions: Natural look for striking and defined results. You’ll find them unnoticeable and ultra-light to wear. And Dramatic lashes, ideal for those special occasions. Our enhanced, longer, fuller and dramatic looking lashes will give you the absolute WOW factor. Each lash is individually enhanced for unforgettable results.

Length and Customisation

During your lash appointment, your lash gal should have a consultation before they begin the treatment so you can get the desired thickness and length that you’re after. As lash extensions are individually applied, they will be more flexible to suit the shape of your eyes, unlike strip lashes.

Process and Time

Once you’ve had your consultation it’s time to lay back and relax! Your lash fairy will place some adhesive pads to protect your skin and lower lashes. Your eyes should be closed the entire time while each individual eyelash is dipped in the glue then added carefully onto your natural eyelashes.

Our Dramatic Lashes can take around 45 minutes to apply and our Natural Lashes can take up to an hour and a half to apply.

Results and Upkeep

Voila! Your lashes are done (AND, you got a quick snooze in your schedule too…). Comb through your eyelashes with a clean spoolie brush and you should feel little to no resistance. To keep your eyelashes pristine and to make sure you get the most out of them, avoid using curlers, mascaras and always go for oil-free creams and make-up removers.

Your new Dramatic Lashes should last up to 10 days and if you had our Natural Lashes, we’d recommend a rebalance every two weeks to add any extras to keep them full and thick until it’s time for a fresh set!


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