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We sat down with our latest addition to the Benito family and asked all the important questions, read on to find out more!

Bold brows or au-naturel?


When’s your birthday?

15th January

Favourite holiday to celebrate?

Christmas 🎄

Favourite holiday destination?

Anywhere with sun, sea and sand! 🏝

Sweet or savoury?

Most def sweet! 🍭

Lipstick or lipgloss?

Lipstick 💄

Favourite Disney movie?

Jungle book 🐘

Tea or coffee?


Do you have any pets?

Pug – his name’s Frank! 🐕

Sunrises or sunsets?

Sunsets 🌅

Do aliens exist?

No. Maybe… 👽

Find out how our Marketing Administrator does her brows!

Hailey Bieber shares her skincare secrets

Hailey Bieber shares her skincare secrets

One of our #Browcrushes here at Benito HQ is Hailey Bieber. After having the wedding of 2019 and being the face of the most renowned designer fashion brands. The model has shared her skincare regime through Instagram stories. This is something we have all wanted to...