When Benito’s HQ first heard about magnetic eyelashes, we immediately wanted to try them out. So many questions… How do they work? Will they be expensive? Will they last as long as our usual lashes? Will they fall out, during the day? Yeah, us too. Don’t worry, we are going to answer everything you need to know about the crazy new trend.

As a company that is highly experienced in lashes and one of the best in the UK market, we certainly did not see this one coming anytime soon. At the same time, with the way that everything is developing, literally anything is possible in the beauty world.

Benefits of magnetic eyelashes

  • You don’t have to mess around with glue
  • It may take less time to apply these lashes, compared to normal false lashes (if you are applying the false lashes yourself)

Downfalls to magnetic eyelashes

  • They are expensive
  • There is no definite life span of the lashes
  • There isn’t as many style options for the magnetic lashes
  • They don’t add as much ‘drama’ to your lashes compared to glue appliances
  • Magnetic lashes may damage magnetic storage media (including bank cards, TV screens, computer hard drives etc.)

One of our favourite vloggers, Safiya Nygaard has also given you ladies the perfect tutorial for how to apply and use these magnetic lashes. One thing we noticed was that it took Safiya a dozen of attempts to actually get these lashes as close to her lid as possible. Admittedly, she does say that she just may not be the best at applying the lashes. Safiya Nygaard placed her index finger and thumb on the bottom part of the lashes and slid the two magnets away from each other.

Safiya’s tips from her experience:

  • Her biggest concern is getting the lashes even on both eyes
  • Normal lashes do last longer throughout the day, but these magnetic lashes are certainly more comfortable
  • She loves the fact you don’t have to mess around with glue

We have attached her video below, so you can take a look at Safiya’s full experience for her first use of the magnetic lashes – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7C6HnJOdx5E

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