Microblading is the perfect way to achieve great looking brows every day without a single bit of hassle. Benito are here to tell you all the ways you can ensure you get the best results from your treatment by following the correct aftercare procedures!

The day after your treatment:

  • The day after your treatment your brows will be darker – do not panic, this is completely normal! It will become lighter over a 7-day period but the true colour will not be revealed until your top up at 4-6 weeks which is completely free with the treatment
  • Do not apply any makeup onto the brow area for the first 72 hours! Microblading is an open wound so this may cause infections
  • When showering try not to get them wet or let any liquids in the area

Day 2-7 aftercare advice:

You may experience scabbing and it may become slightly itchy.

  • Dry healing is the most effective but if this gets too much then please use the aftercare balm provided by the Microblading expert with a cotton bud
  • Do not touch the treatment area unless necessary but you must wash your hands prior to this!
  • Use a gentle face wash as opposed to a deep cleansing wash / scrub
  • If your brows get wet and you wish to dry them do this by patting them with tissue do not rub as this will cause the ink to fade from your brows

What to expect before your retouch:

  • Change of colour; it will take anywhere from 7-14 days for the skin to appear healed and the pigment will fade to the correct shade chosen

Keeping your brows on point:

  • You must not peel, pick or scratch your brows as this will result in the colour healing uneven and could cause scarring
  • Don’t expose your skin to extreme heat, cold or moisture such as tanning beds, sun, jacuzzis, saunas, swimming, direct shower, spray tans and skin creams.
  • Use a high factor sun screen (50+) to protect your brows if you are exposed to the sun

That is all the aftercare you need to know! As long as you follow this there should be no problem with your brows staying on fleek.

Remember, Aftercare is the most important part of your Microblading  journey.

Before you have your consultation let us know if you have any holidays booked, we can then advise a suitable date for your treatment.

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