Going to the gym can be a scary and intimidating place to be. For some women to make themselves feel more confident make-up is their comfort blanket whilst they work out. The reality is real with 40% of women avoid being physically active altogether of a fear of judgement from others. We all need to stop judging each other and think that wearing make up at the gym is just for those people wanting that gym selfie, when really there is deeper meanings and other reasons why women wear make-up. A lot of women like to squeeze in a quick workout before or after work, which itself is an achievement! Sometimes there isn’t enough time to fit in time for the make-up removal ritual and carry round make up remover all day. Thanks to social media we’re expected to be in the perfect coordinating gym gear, only a glow of sweat but not too red face to ruin the standard gym posed selfie. Sometimes it’s not the safe space to sweat in peace with no judgement. It’s time we tackle this issue and make it a safe space for everyone.

Why do we jump to the conclusion when someone is wearing make up at the gym that they aren’t working hard enough? We need to look past the looks and stopping judging each other. Not everyone feels great showing their red face and bare face to a gym audience. We should be support and encouraging everyone in the gym even if they have false eyelashes on smashing a HIIT workout. Sometimes you don’t want the world to see your dark circles and blemishes. If make up helps you feel more confident than do what is best for you for feeling confident!

When England footballer Alex Greenwood wore false lashes at this summer’s Women’s World Cup she faced trolls of nasty, snide comments online. Shouldn’t we be supporting a female football player instead of judging her eyelashes? We finally have women’s sport getting more press and applaud it should be getting, so it’s time to support the girls for what they are doing not what they look like.

One thing we worry about when wearing makeup to the gym is how it affects the skin. It is recommended not to work out with make-up. Patrica Boland skin specialist at Colorescience UK states‘Makeup paired with sweat is a bad combination, it can be damaging to your pores and cause you mass breakouts.’ ‘When we are active, our blood circulation increases which alters oil in the body and causes us to sweat. ‘It can cause breakouts, of course not every single time you wear it, but it is not worth the risk if you have acne prone skin. Eye makeup, even though less damaging, does have the potential of running down into eyes onto the under the eye area which is sensitive.

Many brands are now offering gym and sweat proof make up including Clinique and Elf plus many more brands. If you don’t feel confident bare face we have got some make up tips which can make you feel good inside and out.

  • Try Benito lash extensions for lashes for days, and lashes that won’t move an inch and stay perfectly placed during any work out.
  • You should also choose an oil free, light foundation or tinted moisturiser.
  • Wearing mascara? Opt for Waterproof to avoid sweaty panda eyes
  • A brow gel is great at keeping brows groomed and nicely shaped
  • If you need a hint of colour on your lips then try a tinted lip balm, moisturises your lips whilst looking colourful.

We have also got a quick step guide if you are wanting to be bare faced at the gym.

  • Cleanse your skin before your workout with a light makeup remover or Micellar Water and a cotton pad (makeup wipes often end up just moving dirt around the skin instead of actually removing it).
  • Apply a hydrating antioxidant serum after cleansing the skin to make sure you stay hydrated and protected.
  • Apply an SPF if you’re working out outside.
  • Cleanse the skin immediately after your workout. This is to ensure sweat and bacteria are gone.


Just remember working out is in empowering so it’s time to support each other and to encourage all women to work out!

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