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The moon has been known from ancient tales that a full moon is when Vampires and Werewolves come out, and the moon having the power to send us mad. However is there any truth in this? Is there some belief the moon controls us?

Have your mood swings and emotions been heightened recently?

Well one factor to take in to consideration is how the moon affects us. The moon sights of 2019 have been playing havok with our emotions. Alison Callan, a Clarity and Success coach to a Global Business describes how we are connected to the moon “Just as the moon affects the tides, it would make some logical sense that humans are also naturally affected by the lunar presence, as we are 70% water and thus affected by the gravitational pulls.”

There are 4 main phases to be aware of with the moon: the full moon, the waxing moon, the new moon and the waning moon. Each phase of the moon can impact our moods differently. Each phase occurs approximately 7.4 days apart. With our expect here to help, here is how each stage impacts our mood.

The Waxing Moon

The waxing moon is the stage in the lunar cycle when the new moon is phasing into the full moon. Alison says “You may appear to have more energy, get more refreshed sleep and feel inclined or that it is easier to focus a little more on self-care, thus making you feel a more all-round wellness,”. This is the time to achieve with this new driven energy, and time to get those ticks completed on your to do list.

The Full Moon

Feeling you look pasty, dark circles and wearing long black capes?

Ok you might wanna wear a black cape to disguise you self from the lack of sleep and sense of restlessness. Don’t worry you’re not turning into a vampire it’s the effects of the full moon. It’s more likely during a full moon to sleep less deeply, have vivid dreams and take longer to fall asleep. We all know the effects of lack of sleep on our skin. Alison’s wise advice during this phase is to “”In order to maintain your wellness during this time, go slow, take less on and go inwards more frequently, rationalise that your highs may be more extreme as will your lows, yet know it is moon related and try to find what it is that makes you feel a sense of calm to combat the slightly unrested feelings.”

The Waning Moon

This is the stage to get organised! “You may feel yourself starting to plan more, contemplate more and begin to be inward in your thoughts all in preparation for the new moon,’ says Alison.

The New Moon

This is the perfect time if you want a new you and to set new goals. If you are needed some time out or you time take the time out to focus on yourself. The new moon represents new beginnings as the lunar cycle starts a brand-new rotation. As Alison explains during this phase “You may wish to sleep deeper, longer and be more insular with your communication, slower in your participation and connection with others. This is naturally a time for rebirth and an opportunity to do you. ”

To find out when the different Moon phases are head to: https://moonphases.co.uk/moon-calendar

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