We are trying to be more sustainable with our clothing, household waste and our diet. What about our skincare routine? Here are some simple steps to make those easy changes to help make a sustainable future for the planet.

Time To Ditch The Disposable Cotton Pads

Cotton pads are probably one of your staple skincare products. However on average you use 2-5 pads per day. Over a year that mounts up to a lot of Cotton pads. Cotton is one of the worse materials for the environment due to the water wastage and pesticides used. Face wipes are a big no no as they don’t decompose meaning they linger in landfill for up to a 100 years. They are also not the best skincare product to really remove make up. So what do we use to remove our make up you ask? Why not try to incorporate reusable cotton pads or muslin cloths into your routine. Invest in enough for your weekly cleaning, ensuring you have spares just in case. Here at Benito HQ we love these reusable pads from Amazon. At a bargain price and so easy to use, just stick them in with your weekly wash.

Reusable Organic Bamboo Remover Pads, Prices from 59p

Avoid Cleansers That Contain Palm Oil

The affects of Palm Oil is causing huge deforestation throughout the world ,which has shocked us all. Many of our well known skincare and food products contain it.  Next time you go to add something to your basket check your ingredients list to check no Palm Oil content is in it. It has many names one, of them could be vegetable oil or fat. Head to the website listed below for the many names of Palm Oil.

Palm Oil’s Dirty Secret: The Many Ingredient Names For Palm Oil

Hot, Hot, Not Shower

The hotter the water the more energy used. We all love thinking we are in that Peter Andre Waterfall video, and the Herbal Essences advert in the shower. However a long shower means more energy is used.  Also as nice as a hot shower is, it strips the skin of its natural oils leaving it dry and tight. Try timing a shower to under 7 minutes and having a lukewarm shower.

Recycle Your Bathroom Waste

The amount of lotions and potions we go through each year is astonishing. Most skincare products are now made from recyclable material but often just get chucked into the main rubbish.So next time you finish a product check if it’s recyclable. Remember in products with a pump the metal spring in the pump is not recyclable.

Mascara Wands Are Magical In Other Ways

Finished a tube of mascara, or leftovers of little lash brushes from lash extensions? Well these little wands of magic can be purpose-able in other ways. You can donate your brush once its cleaned to Wands of Wildlife. They can be used as little combs for small animals. They can also be used as an on the go  brow brush or lash brush. Definitely make it a handbag essential.


Keep it Minimal 

Remember when you were a kid and the amount of packaging you would get for one small toy? Well it’s the same with beauty. It can be a factor to the large amount of wast caused by your beauty regime. A small factor to think about when buying products is looking for products that have minimal or no packaging. We love the Lush Shampoo bars, banishing plastic bottles.

Lush Shampoo Bars, Prices from £8





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