Are you unsure of what brow shape would suit you? Well according to Brow Artist to the stars Kelley Baker it’s all to do with your face shape. There are now procedures such as Microblading and brow expertise which you can find out about from our Benito technicians. The time for the perfect brow has arrived and with Benito’s help and advice from Kelley Baker you will have those brows you have always wanted in no time. For help determining what face shape you have check out Allure’s post . We have put together some expert tips for how to pick the best eyebrows for your face shape.

Square Shape

Subtle rounded brows are the way for you if you have a square shaped face.

“When you have an angular face, we would soften the brows and round them out a little bit, or soften them and give more of a shorter Audrey Hepburn boy brow,” says Baker. For brow inspiration look at celebrities such as Shay Mitchell and Angelina Jolie.

Round Shape

Oprah’s Brow God Damone Roberts says “The rounder the face, the higher the arch to add length. But I do caution against going overboard, which tends to make one appear stern and angry.”  Arching is a good way to lift and open the eyes.  Oprah is a woman of wise words and a great brow inspiration.

Rectangle Shape

Straight is the way to go for your choice of brows if this is your face shape. “As soon as brows start to look too angled, they age people. I always like a softer shape to keep a more youthful look in the face,” says Baker. The last thing we need is our brows ageing us, if this is a cheat way to look younger we are there. Sarah Jessica Parker is a great example of how brows can help keep you looking youthful with this shape face.

Oval Shape

Queen B herself has an oval face shape and “Flawless” eyebrows. Oval shaped faces have similar qualities to long and round faces. When thinking about your brow shape go for a “defined brow with a subtle arch. Just not too extreme,” suggests Roberts.

Heart Shape

Kourtney Kardashian is a go to inspiration to achieve the perfect brows for this shape of face. “A heart-shaped face should have the least of an arch, as you don’t want to add more length. Keep it on the straighter side, which shortens the face,” Roberts explains.

Diamond Shape

You are a lucky one if you are blessed with being a diamond. You can “shine bright like a diamond” just like Rihanna who also has a diamond shaped face.  The face shape can take on many looks so there is lots of room on the face for taking on different brow shapes. One top tip Roberts says for your choice of brows is “Not too defined, with a nice arch.”

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