Tea Tree has been an essential oil used in the beauty industry for years. Who doesn’t have a bottle in their cabinet. Its known for being a spot and acne curer with its mother nature healing properties.  There is so much more to this ingredient than you think. It’s a highly effective antiseptic, and anti-fungal effect as well as cleaning and the protecting the skin. We have listed some ways for you to add it to your beauty regime.

Bonus Effects With Your Moisturiser

If you want to prevent acne breakouts or banish spots then this is a great tip for you. The purifying effect the oil has will help to keep your face fresh and clean. You can customise the dose to the perfect amount for your skin. This is a more effective way instead of buying a tea tree moisturiser as you are sure its 100% tree tea oil.

Create Your Own Toner

Mix two or three drops with water and apply to your face with a cotton pad after cleansing. This will help to remove any last traces of make-up. It will leave skin feeling refreshed!

Part Of An At-Home Massage Regime

If your skin is feeling the harshness of winter then this is for you. Pick a carrier oil an Almond oil is a great choice. Mix a couple of drops with the oil. Gently massage over any dry skin for a bit of skin TLC.

To Strengthen and Brighten Nails

Tea tree oil is a strong antiseptic so helps fight fungal infections and banish yellow or discoloured nails. If you are doing a home manicure or in a rush quick coat of polish, then this is a great way to get rid of the Simpson colour left on your nails.

To Beat Body Odour

If the layers of clothing and battle of heating overload is leaving you with the dreaded B.O then Tea Tree is something you need in your life. The oil is brilliant at warding off bad smells and will leave you feeling wonderfully fresh.

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