Guys, you’re all probably more than aware of eyelash extensions and may even wear them yourself.

But on a day to day basis I receive a fair few questions about eyelash extensions including the application, how long they lost and maintenance. So I figured I’d cover my own experience of lashes and my thoughts on them right here in a little blog post.

Eyelash extensions are individual false lashes that are applied to your own lashes with a glue. This is to add volume and length to your own lashes,  or even to achieve more of a curl. Having lash extensions means my morning application time is more than halved. No need to fiddle around with lash curlers or mascara. I have fine hair and my natural lashes struggle to hold a curl, which is the case for the hair on my head too. When I’m sporting my natural lashes first thing in a morning I look a little like a mole rat. Sexy right?

My natural lashes with no other makeup

When Benito offered me a complimentary set of Lash extensions at their event at Touchwood, Solihull I jumped at the chance. Benito are a professional, highly renowned Brow and lash bar providing numerous beauty treatments in various locations.
They do several different types of lash extensions including a 10 day InstaLash up to Alter Ego Lashes, which provide a more voluminous look. I opted for somewhere in the middle which is Ruffle My Feathers. These extensions are applied in 90 minutes and last 2-3 weeks. They provide a natural look that still has impact and great length. During application I tend to fall asleep because I’m so relaxed – you can’t really feel anything when the extensions are being applied.

Ruffle My Feathers in the making

How do I care for them?
I’ll be honest and say they don’t take a great deal of looking after. I have a spoolie brush to comb through lashes occasionally or maybe if I wake up with a couple out of place. I also try not to get them soaked in the shower especially during the first 48 hours they have been applied.
What happens once they need removing?
The lash extensions grow out with your own natural lashes. After the first application of Ruffle My Feathers, I can opt for infills after 2-3 weeks if required. I would then give them a break for everlasting months just so my natural lashes can rest.

Can I wear eye makeup? 

My answer is yes, however I would not wear mascara or anything that would be detrimental to the lashes.
I still wear concealer around the area and if I’m going out I still apply eyeshadow and liner. To clean up afterwards, I use half a cotton pad on my lid along with cotton buds to get close to the lash line.
My own lashes are very light and don’t hold a curl particularly well. Lash extensions are a great option especially for the festive season. It’s lovely waking up and having lashes there – I feel ready to go the minute my alarm goes off.
Day to day, I focus now on my base makeup and simply add a bit of pencil through sparse areas of my brows – that’s it! Eyes take up so much time when having to apply lots of liner and multiple lashings of mascara.

Make up by Nilema

After my lash extensions were complete at the Touchwood Solihull Benito event, they had a makeup artist on hand to do my makeup. Before having lashes applied, it’s sensible to not wear any makeup so afterwards it was a lovely finish to have my makeup applied by the lovely Nilema

Once I have had this set infilled, I want to try leaving my own lashes for a while to give them a rest and then try out a lash lift. Benito also this treatment too. You can see how it’s achieved by seeing their blog.
Visit to explore all the different options available
*Post includes a gifted treatment
All views are my own*
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