As a little blogger from the humble city of Peterborough, I absolutely love it when I get the chance to support, review and test out places in my home town. In fact, in my experience, you often find that some of the best places are right on your doorstep. Which is why I was thrilled to be invited to Benito Brow Bar’s launch event at the end of November! With successful branches all over the UK, my home town has finally been able to join the #thatbenitofeeling club with the launch of their brow bar in our shiny new John Lewis store!

With the refurbishment of the entire beauty floor, John Lewis Peterborough now has a whole host of new brands, products and treatments on offer, and Benito is just one of the many great names to add to the list! I was very lucky to be invited by Benito to come along to their launch night and try out one of the many treatments that they offer. Of course, I snapped up this opportunity right away, and couldn’t wait to see what the new store would be like!

I had a really great time at the event and I was super happy with my treatment, so I thought I would do a little blog post for you all to show you what I got up to on the night!

The Launch Event

I arrived at the John Lewis launch event that evening, and of course I had to have a mooch around at all the shiny new things on offer! We were greeted with a glass of prosecco and little canapés as we looked around the store which is always a good start. The John Lewis launch night was a big event open to the public, so they had loads of really cool things going on, from style talks by Whistles, to makeup masterclasses from Dior! The store had a really lively atmosphere, with loads of new things to see, and even little competitions going on throughout the floors! After taking it all in, it was time for my appointment, so I headed over to the bar.

I was greeted straight away by the lovely staff and was given a glass of prosecco along with an individual goodie bag! Yet another wonderful start if you ask me…

The goodie bag had some lovely things in it, including sweets, a notepad and pen, a face mask and a Benito’s VIP card. I thought this was such a lovely touch and a great way to start off the event!

After my glass of prosecco, I was ready for my treatment! Benito offers a large variety of treatments which you can all find on their website. On the launch night they were offering loads of different things from brow shaping and brow tinting, to lash lifts and lash extensions. I have a few friends who had tried a lash lift before and the results were amazing, so I was super keen to try it out myself! Luckily for me, I have a Benito’s here in Birmingham for when I am at uni. I was able to get myself a patch test done before going home for the event to make sure that it was safe to put the products near my eyes. This is super important if you’re having anything done to your eyes because it is such a delicate area so always make sure you have your patch test!

The Treatment

I must admit, a lash lift is probably one of the less comfortable treatments that Benito offers, but that is just because of the nature of the procedure and it’s the same wherever you go. Essentially, what happens is you lay back, and the therapist starts by cleaning your lashes and the eyelid to make sure there’s nothing on them. Then, they use tinting and fixing  products to pull the individual eyelashes up over a curved mould and leave them there to set. All you have to do then is sit back, relax, and let the products do their work – this usually last about 20 minutes. There is some slight discomfort, but this is normal for the treatment, and as long as you’re happy to wait there with your eyes closed, you will be completely fine. Once the waiting is over, the therapist gently presses the lashes from the mould and you are left with wonderfully curled, defined, natural lashes!

I was so impressed with the results of my treatment! I have been using the Maybelline Lash Serum for a while now. I think it has really helped to nourish and grow my natural lashes, so I feel like I got optimum results from my lash lift!

There are so many things that I love about a treatment like this. First of all, I love that it just enhances your natural lashes, meaning little to no aftercare, no awkward growing out stage, and it doesn’t have any potential negative effects on your own lashes! I also love how long lasting it is, ranging from 4-6 weeks of volume and curl. Ultimately, your lashes end up looking gorgeous with or without makeup. I had initially worried that if I wore mascara and took it off afterwards, that the curl would                                                                                        diminish, but two weeks on and it still hasn’t dropped!



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