Throughout the last decade, we have seen the very dark, ultra bold brows take control and play their part in the beauty community and on the catwalk.
But like fashion, brow trends transition too and here are the brows I think will be making their mark this year.

Trend #1 The Untouched Brow 

Let’s kick it back to 2016. We are all obsessed with liquid lip kits and outlining eyebrows with concealer, before filling in every available space on the brow. Here we are in 2020 and we are all about “snatural” vibes (snatched but natural) and we want more of a minimal vibe.

Think of an untouched brow, but one that is still groomed and properly maintained. Threaded and tinted, with a slick of brow gel through them and you’re set to go. A somewhat unruly brow is a little bit sexy, a bit imperfect and it takes simple upkeep to get there.

My brows following a thread and tint at Benito, finished with a slick of brow gel

Trend #2 Brow Lamination

Towards the end of 2019, we saw Brow Lamination starting to become popular and everyone was freaking out over it. It was just taking off towards the end of last year and now the trend has snowballed into 2020. What even is brow lamination?
Brow Lamination is a series of mini steps that create the perfect brow that is shaped beautifully, tinted to perfection and set in place with the help of several different products including protein, liquid keratin and silicone.

Brow Lamination Procedure at Benito

Whilst this trend leaves brows groomed, it still keeps them looking fluffy and full. Which brings me to our third trend.

Trend #3 Brushed Up Brows 

Brows I have seen on Instagram and out and about seem to be more fluffy with much more texture. This all fits into the Brushed Up Brow trendLast year we saw a heap of beauty brands releasing brow soaps and gels promising to set brows in place whilst giving texture. The idea is to be able to still see some skin coming through the hairs, adding a wispy quality to the brow but looking sickeningly natural. Gone are the days where it took us 5 brow products to create a thick, sleek eyebrow and in it’s place we give you the Brushed Up Brow.

Brushed up brows using a little brow soap


What Brow trend are you enjoying and which one will you fancy?

Sophie Harper ,Blogger and Writer

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